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Unlock your members' potential

Specialists in complete learning solutions for associations.



We want every association to be able to offer its members an affordable, accessible learning solution to enable them to participate fully in their Association, their community and the wider world.


There are already so many people being left behind in today's digital first world, and we know that associations have tremendous power to include, unite and enable people to take part in conversations that will shape all of our worlds.

We know how much of a difference digital learning can make to an organisation and to individuals, and we believe that the power of education and knowledge should be shared as widely as possible.

Our logo was created to embody our principles - the design is based on the idea of associations making connections, and the structure itself is the molecule for glutamate which is a chemical needed for cognition, learning and memory. We take a scientific, evidence-based approach to learning, but at heart our purpose is to connect people to other people, communities and ideas. 

At Associated Learning, we design each learning solution with performance as our main goal. Following a consultation, we engineer your system with the courses, access channels, pricing and development options that are right for your learners. This learner-centric approach ensures optimum benefit and value for your learners.


We like to share our combined experience of 50+ years in associations, training delivery strategy, elearning and learntech to enable our clients to meet their goals.

Member benefit

Give your members a discount on our business skills courses so they can build skills that will enhance their career and their member satisfaction.

An easy and fast way to offer your members a great learning service also enables you to gather data about what learning solutions you members really value.

Branded Learning Platform

Provide a learning platform for your member and stakeholder audiences, with a selection of relevant courses that you can select from our comprehensive course library.

You can be up and running with an eLearning service to offer to your audiences within weeks

Course development & design

Create your own courses with expert guidance to make sure you create an excellent learning experience, or we can design and build content for you.

LMS managed service

Get the most out of your LMS by outsourcing the management and administration to a team who can provide industry leading expertise to make sure your members have the best learning experience possible.



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