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Associated Learning Academy launch

Humanity’s superpower is learning

Not only can human brains hold a lot of information (around 2.5 Petabytes), the rate of learning we undertake is accelerating rapidly. This causes many new technologies and innovations to become mainstream and changes our world and the way we experience it. Trying to keep up with, or even ahead of the game is increasingly difficult for many of us.

Lifelong learning has become a necessity while the concept of learning itself is also developing rapidly. New insights are emerging on how the brain creates short and long term memory, and what it takes to make learning stick.

Learning technology has followed suit. Learning management systems were originally developed to help administer the classroom training sessions. Now technology can help you learn only the relevant course content and adapt the experience for you.

From all these developments it’s easy to lose track of the important requirements. Here are the key elements:


  • It is not about supplying your learners with vast amounts of information. It’s about the content that is relevant and in context right now.


  • A learning experience that is personalised for the learner will be more effective.

Fit for purpose

  • People have differing learning needs at different times. You might need an answer right now on how to analyse data in a spreadsheet and tomorrow you want to start a week-long training programme on how to manage a big project.


  • Learning happens all the time. You might ask a colleague how to do the task or in their absence, pick up your phone on the train into work and learn on-the-go. Or do a blended course (combination of on-line and instructor-led.

Unfortunately small organisations and Associations run the risk of being left behind in this race to effective learning solutions.

No time to administer and manage learning systems, not enough funds to pay for the upfront costs, or the skills to create online learning journeys.

To solve all these issues, there is now the Associated Learning Academy. The latest learning platform includes relevant content on many different topics that your members need and want.

Associations who sign up, can offer their members discounted access to these courses.

Skills-gap research shows that business skills are the most required skills by employers and employees, so we have curated a set of courses to upskill people in this area.

More content will be added such as courses on Digital and Strategy for Associations, which can be customised for your own organisation.

See the catalogue here.

You can even personalise the course offer further by adding your own content, choosing specific content topics and adding your own brand.

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